Tea By the Sea | Publication: June 9, 2020

Pree, September 2019.


An interview with Donna Hemans, author of Tea by the Sea.  <Read more.>

Jamaica Gleaner, November 11, 2015. 


In the category for children up to 12 years old, Morrison, walked away with The Jean D'Costa Award for her manuscript, A Better Me: A Better You. McCaulay received The Vic Reid Award in the young adult category for her novel, Gone to Drift, and Hemans took home The Una Marson Award in the adult category with, Tea By the Sea. <Read more.>

River Woman | Publication: January 2002
New York Times, July 2002.


In this graceful, absorbing first novel, the swell of gossip rises like a spring tide through the child's funeral and burial as the accusations run unchecked. Standfast itself is the novel's true protagonist, its moods shifting according to a sort of collective emotional climate that alternates between the tempestuous and the merely bleak. <Read more.>


Kirkus Reviews, December 2001 (starred review).

A remarkably assured and insightful debut offers a finely tuned, sympathetic portrait of a teenaged mother whose toddler drowns accidentally in the river where she’s washing clothes...Flawlessly interweaving personal and social tragedy with the imagery of interior and exterior spaces. Jamaica-born Hemans’s rare and distinctive debut is not only a tale for our time, but one for all time. <Read more.> 

Publisher's Weekly, December 2001.

The Rio Minho in Jamaica provides much more than a setting for this potent, accomplished debut. <Read more.>


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